Soco Falls

Two waterfalls merge in a picturesque setting with a primitive overlook, reachable by a short trail.

This place is beautiful and amazing. It's a little slippery going down but it's definitely worth it once you get to that platform, you can take some of the best pictures. We were there and hadn't froze yet so the water was very tranquil and sounded and looked beautiful. Definitely got to make this stop and come and check these falls out.

Mingo Falls

120-ft. waterfall on the Cherokee Indian Reservation reached by a 0.4-mi. access trail.

Mingo falls may be a fairly steep climb, but being short and well maintained makes it very accessible. Even the elderly or minorly handicapped can enjoy the view with some patience and a hand up the stairs. Those looking for a true hike can find a great view taking the trails to the left of the waterfall. Be very aware that these are steep and abused trails, there is nothing easy about the climb at that point.

Bridal Vail Falls

Easily accessible waterfall, can park and walk right underneath it. Worth a quick stop.

Rainbow Falls

Beautiful falls after a moderate hike from the trailhead.

The trail was well maintained. A nice number of fellow hikers for a fall weekday in the end of October. This isn't the last stop on this trial, but a popular one for sure.

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